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We want to promote your music! SDM Live is dedicated to sharing the best independent music we hear around the world. So submit your music, we’ll listen, and if it’s great, we’ll distribute it on our compilation album worldwide. Your music will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music and over 150 more stores online. But most importantly, YOU GET PAID FOR IT!!! Check out the waiver below for more details.

Compilation Album Volume 2


Why do we do it? Because we love music and we understand how biased mainstream radio is these days. We exist to support real, passionate, driven artists who truly have talent. Submission Fee for 2015 Compilation Album “SDM Vol. 2” is FREE for one artist per MP3 track. 2015 Compilation Album sales will be paid out monthly by PayPal ( and publishing royalties will be paid out quarterly by your P.R.O. (BMI, ASCAP or SESAC). Please join BMI for FREE so that you can receive your publishing royalties.

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You hereby acknowledge and agree that Aye Money Promotions & Publishing/Mocy Music Group shall have no obligation to include the Work in the Album. You further acknowledge and agree that, in the event that the Work is included in the Album, (a) you will receive a 4% net royalty on revenues in connection with the distribution of the Work in connection with the Album and (b) that Aye Money Promotions & Publishing/Mocy Music Group shall be required to pay any fees (including, without limitation, mechanical royalties) to any third party in connection therewith.

You hereby irrevocably grant to Aye Money Promotions & Publishing/Mocy Music Publishing, throughout the Territory, the full right to exploit the Album and to use the name(s), photographs and likenesses, artwork images, biographical material and other information provided by you in and in connection with the Album, all advertising and publicity therefor and subsidiary and ancillary uses thereof.

You represent and warrant that (i) the Work is original with you, (ii) you own 100% of all copyrights in and to the Work, and (iii) that the Work is being made available pursuant to all of the terms herein. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Aye Money Promotions & Publishing/Mocy Music Group with respect to any claims made by any third parties in connection with the use of the Work in the manner described above.


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