This is an agreement between Low Wooden (Producer) 14246 Strathmoor, Detroit MI 48227 and the SDM Network (Broadcaster), granting broadcast rights for the television/film production of The Middle Man (Movie) (Title of Production) to be broadcasted on the SDM Network on the date(s) and time(s) agreed and set by the Broadcaster. We agree to the following:

1. This agreement grants (Broadcaster) the right to broadcast and/or rebroadcast the production titled The Middle Man (Movie) on the SDM Network on Roku set forth by (Broadcaster).

2. Low Wooden (Producer) shall have liability insurance coverage sufficient to hold the (Broadcaster) harmless from any accident claim that may result from the action against the (Broadcaster), or any copyright infringing of any production submitted by the (Producer).

3. Commercials for alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or political candidates or issues may not be broadcast in the production submitted by (Producer).

4. (Producer) will pay the (Broadcaster) a broadcast fee of 29.99. This fee must be paid prior to any broadcast. This agreement is set on a monthly basis and can be terminated by the (Producer) anytime with a two week notice.

5. This agreement becomes binding when the agreement is signed by the (Broadcaster) representative and the (Producer). (If unusual circumstances occur which prevent a broadcast from broadcasting a previously agreed upon, (Broadcaster) may consider returning broadcast fees back to (Producer).

6. Commission/Royalties
If (Producer) is submitting any (Title of Production) to be sold by the (Broadcaster) on the network, (Producer) will receive a monthly royalty (net profit) of eighty percent (80%) from (Broadcaster) for all sales made for (Title of Production). Prices are determined by (Broadcaster) based on market value. Payments will be issue via Check or by Paypal method.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the (Producer) and (Broadcaster) have executed this Agreement the date first above written.

(Broadcaster) representative Signature

(Producer) Signature

Low Wooden

Signed on 12/06/2017 05:47PM
IP Address:

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